Creative Writing Masterclass 5-11 Year Olds




Unleash Your Child’s Imagination: Creative Writing Masterclass with Bestselling Author Chris Duke

Dive into the magical world of storytelling with our exclusive Creative Writing Masterclass, designed specifically for young minds aged 5-11. This four-day journey, starting on April 2nd, offers an unparalleled opportunity for your child to explore their creative potential under the guidance of Chris Duke, the celebrated author behind the bestselling gems “Lucy’s Blue Day” and “The Boy Who Ate Christmas.”

Through a series of four live, interactive sessions on Zoom, each lasting an hour, participants will be immersed in the art of crafting captivating stories, developing unique characters, and weaving narratives that resonate. Chris Duke, with his rich experience in storytelling and engaging young audiences, will provide personalized feedback, inspiring exercises, and the tools necessary to bring imagination to life.

This masterclass isn’t just about learning; it’s an opportunity for your child to become a published author. At the conclusion of the course, one exceptional story, selected for its originality and creativity, will be professionally produced and published, with all profits generously awarded to the young author.

Don’t miss this chance to nurture your child’s storytelling talent in a fun, supportive, and rewarding environment. Enroll your budding writer in our Creative Writing Masterclass and watch them embark on a thrilling literary adventure.