Creative Writing Masterclass – 12-17 Years Old




Elevate Your Writing: Teen Creative Writing Masterclass with Bestselling Author Chris Duke

Unlock the power of words with our dynamic Creative Writing Masterclass, tailored for aspiring writers aged 12-17. Beginning April 2nd, this four-day experience offers a unique platform for teens to hone their writing skills, guided by the expertise of Chris Duke, the renowned author celebrated for his bestselling works “Lucy’s Blue Day” and “The Boy Who Ate Christmas.”

Spanning four live, engaging sessions on Zoom, each lasting an hour, participants will delve deep into the essentials of creative writing. From crafting compelling narratives and developing multidimensional characters to mastering the art of dialogue and plot construction, Chris Duke will share invaluable insights and techniques that have shaped his successful writing career.

More than just a learning experience, this masterclass is a gateway to the literary world. Participants will have the chance to receive individualised feedback, partake in stimulating writing exercises, and connect with a community of like-minded peers. The highlight? One remarkable story will be selected at the end of the course to be professionally produced and published, with the young author receiving all the profits.

Seize this opportunity to transform your passion for writing into your superpower. Join our Teen Creative Writing Masterclass with Chris Duke and embark on a journey that promises to challenge, inspire, and refine your storytelling abilities.