The Boy Who Ate Christmas


Welcome to Christmas Presence, a town where the magic of Christmas twinkles in every corner, every day of the year. But when young Teddy Tumshie’s love for Christmas treats leads to an unexpected adventure, the festive spirit of this enchanted town is put to the test.

In “The Boy Who Ate Christmas,” readers are invited to join Teddy on a heartwarming and whimsical journey. Teddy, known for his sweet tooth, discovers a magical gingerbread house in his grandmother’s attic, setting off a chain of events that could dim Christmas Presence’s glow forever. As the town’s joy begins to fade, Teddy realizes that he must act to restore the cheer and merriment.

Follow Teddy as he navigates a series of charming challenges, learning the true essence of Christmas along the way. From botched attempts at saving the day to the creation of a humble gingerbread house, Teddy’s story is one of transformation, friendship, and the power of community spirit.

Perfect for young readers and those young at heart, “The Boy Who Ate Christmas” is a delightful tale that captures the wonder of the holiday season. Through Teddy’s journey, readers will discover the importance of giving, sharing, and the indomitable spirit of a community coming together.

This festive tale is not only a celebration of Christmas but also a reminder of the magic that can happen when we come together for a common cause. Join Teddy as he learns that the greatest gifts often come in unexpected forms and that the true spirit of Christmas lies in the joy we bring to others.

So, curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and enter a world where every day is Christmas, and miracles are just around the corner. “The Boy Who Ate Christmas” is a story that will warm your heart and reignite your belief in the magic of the season.


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Paperback, Hardcover