Big Boys Do Cry – Autobiography


Chris Duke, beloved Amazon best-selling author of “Lucy’s Blue Day”, opens up about his life from his childhood; growing up in the east end of Glasgow where “big boys don’t cry” to one of those fully-fledged grown-ups with a family.

Chris takes you into his past where he reflects on some of those stories he shares when he visits schools, as well as realising moments he’s learned some of life’s most valuable lessons. There are even some of those tales he really shouldn’t share, but they’re included, and some are a little more than eyebrow-raising!

Find out how singing with a Spice Girl opened his eyes too, finally, believing that he could achieve anything he wanted if he put his mind to it.Learn the techniques that Chris uses to overcome his anxieties, and his own issues with life, as well as learning his most important life lesson: “big boys do cry”!

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