Lucy's Blue Day

About Our Programme

Lucy’s Learning Corner, born from the beloved tale “Lucy’s Blue Day” by Chris Duke, is here to reshape how kids learn about feelings and mental health. We’re all about making emotional understanding a key part of learning for children of all ages.

Who It’s For:
Lucy’s Learning Corner is great for teachers, school counselors, parents, and anyone involved in helping a child grow emotionally and educationally.

What we offer

Lesson Plans for All Ages: Discover lesson plans that cater to different ages, focusing on emotions, empathy, and understanding oneself. They’re clear, easy to follow, and full of fun classroom activities.

Fun Printables: Use our variety of printables, like emotion wheels and activity sheets, to help kids see and express their emotions in a visual way.

Exclusive Resources: Get access to special content like videos, expert talks, and more stories about Lucy to enrich your teaching.

Interactive Activities: Explore our interactive tools and games that turn learning about feelings into an exciting adventure.

Support for Educators: Join our educator community for extra support, shared experiences, and new insights as you bring the program to life.

Resources for Parents: We also provide tools for parents to keep the emotional learning going at home.

Why Join?

Help kids understand and express their emotions better.

Create a caring and understanding space in your classroom.

Give kids the skills to manage their feelings.

Add some creative and well-researched tools to your teaching kit.

For Every Age:
At Lucy’s Learning Corner, we get that learning about emotions isn’t just for the little ones. Our activities are designed for younger kids but are just as meaningful for older students. We adjust our resources so they fit right in, no matter the age. Our aim is to make understanding emotions a part of everyone’s learning path.

Join Us!

Ready to make a big difference in how kids learn about emotions? Click here to join Lucy’s Learning Corner and begin a journey of emotional discovery.