Full List Of Benefits

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Downloadable kit with “Lucy’s Blue Day” elements for interactive storytelling, enhancing emotional discussions in class.

Engaging plans exploring emotional intelligence, empathy, and mental health, with a variety of activities and multimedia resources.

A range of worksheets and activities designed to help students identify and understand emotions in a tangible way.

Specialised webinars providing insights on integrating emotional learning in classrooms, using “Lucy’s Blue Day” as a case study.

A series of digital guides and videos focusing on mindfulness practices and wellbeing strategies for classroom use.

Exclusive access to an online forum for educators to exchange experiences and strategies in emotional wellbeing education.

Regular updates featuring expert interviews, latest research, and practical tips on emotional education.

Creative prompts to inspire students to write or illustrate their own emotional stories, building on “Lucy’s Blue Day.”

In-person visits from Chris Duke, author of “Lucy’s Blue Day,” for schools on the full plan.

Bi-monthly individual sessions and regular group workshops to assist with utilizing resources effectively.

Covering subjects like empathy, jealousy, creative writing from a bestselling author, confidence, resilience, and more.

Activities with adaptations for older children, ensuring relevance across different age groups.

Tailored access for all schools within a local authority, ensuring uniform emotional literacy education.