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Welcome to Your First Month of Lesson Plans with Lucy's Learning Corner!

Age Level: 5-7 years (adaptations for 8-11 years) Duration: 5 lessons spread over 4 weeks

Objective: To help students identify a variety of emotions and develop empathy through the engaging story of "Lucy's Blue Day".

What's Inside:

Lesson 1: Discovering Lucy's World

  • Activity: Read "Lucy's Blue Day" together. Explore the story's context and characters.
  • Discussion: Understand the emotions Lucy feels. Relate these emotions to students' experiences.
  • Older Students: Delve into the psychological effects of emotions and the importance of discussing them.
  • Activity: Create a classroom 'Emotion Wall' for students to express their feelings using colors.

Lesson 2: The Colour of Emotions

  • Activity: Match emotions with colors, using Lucy's hair as a guide.
  • Older Students: Investigate color psychology and its influence on moods.
  • Discussion: Why is Lucy's hair blue? What do other colors represent?
  • Craft: Artwork creation of Lucy with a chosen hair color reflecting a personal emotional experience.

Lesson 3: Sharing Our 'Blue' Moments

  • Activity: Students share times when they felt 'blue' and explore these feelings through discussion or drawing.
  • Older Students: Compose short stories or poems about overcoming difficult emotions.
  • Discussion: Strategies to manage and respond to sad feelings.
  • Extension: Start a 'Feelings Diary' for daily emotional tracking and weekly reflections.

Lesson 4: Learning Empathy

  • Activity: Engage in role-play scenarios inspired by the book, focusing on supporting others.
  • Older Students: Create complex scenarios involving multiple emotions and responses.
  • Discussion: How to help someone feeling like Lucy. Appropriate words and actions.
  • Activity: Design 'Empathy Cards' with thoughtful messages.

Lesson 5: Reflecting on Emotional Growth

  • Discussion: Group reflection on the emotional journey and changes over the month.
  • Activity: Review the 'Emotion Wall'. How have feelings shifted?
  • Craft: Create 'Lucy's Emotion Wheel' for a broader range of emotions, especially for older students.

Materials Needed:

  • "Lucy's Blue Day" book
  • Supplies for 'Emotion Wall', crafts, 'Feelings Diary', and 'Empathy Cards'


  • Participation and engagement in discussions
  • Observing empathy in role-play
  • Reflections in 'Feelings Diary'


  • Monthly revisits to the 'Emotion Wall' for sustained emotional awareness.
  • Use 'Lucy's Emotion Wheel' in class discussions, particularly with older students.
Join us for a month-long exploration of emotional literacy, uniquely structured for younger and older students alike. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together!
Month 1 Lesson Plans
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Month 2: Resilience

  • Focus: Building strength to overcome challenges and adapt to change.
  • Activities: Storytelling and discussions about overcoming adversity, resilience-building exercises.

Month 3: Mindfulness

  • Focus: Developing awareness of the present moment, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Activities: Mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, and reflective journaling.

Month 4: Communication

  • Focus: Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills, especially expressing feelings and needs.
  • Activities: Role-playing, active listening exercises, and creative storytelling.

Month 5: Teamwork and Cooperation

  • Focus: Working effectively with others, understanding group dynamics.
  • Activities: Group projects, collaborative games, and discussions about the importance of teamwork.

Month 6: Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Focus: Building a positive self-image and belief in one's abilities.
  • Activities: Self-portrait projects, 'I am' statements, and activities that encourage stepping out of comfort zones.

Month 7: Gratitude and Positivity

  • Focus: Recognizing and appreciating the good in life, developing a positive outlook.
  • Activities: Gratitude journals, 'thank you' letter writing, and discussions on finding positivity in challenging situations.

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Mental Health Posters

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From empowering affirmations to practical coping strategies, each poster is thoughtfully crafted to resonate with diverse audiences and promote positive mental health practices. Hang them in classrooms, offices, bedrooms, or communal spaces to create an atmosphere of understanding and support.

With topics ranging from mindfulness and self-care to destigmatizing mental illness, these posters serve as powerful tools for sparking important conversations and promoting mental wellness for all. Join us in embracing this valuable addition to Lucy's Learning Corner and let's continue to cultivate a culture of compassion and resilience together.